"Our family had used chiropractic care. When Joe and I read Dr. Taylor's flyer in the Clinton News around 2008, we decided to take advantage of an introductory offer though we had no noticeable aches and pains. We were very pleased with our first visit and began a once-a-month wellness visit. This is a health gift we are glad to give ourselves. Dr. Taylor is caring, very knowledgeable and extremely encouraging. The office staff makes us feel like family." -Judy Moss

1. What symptoms did you have and what was your life like before you saw Dr. Taylor? Constant low back pain and severe headaches

2. How did you realize you needed to see Dr. Taylor, and what made you make the final decision to come in? The level of pain was becoming unbearable

3. What impacted you about Dr. Taylor and Chiropractic that led to your commitment to correct your spine? Drug Free and exercise is part of treatment

4. How did your program of Chiropractic make a difference in your life? How did this impact your future? Very little low back pain and fewer headaches

5. What can you do better that you couldn't do before? Everything

6. To whom and why would you recommend Dr. Taylor? I would recommend him to everyone. He is very caring and concerned and very knowledgeable. -Joanne Young

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